The Best Species of Parrots to Have as First-Time Pets

The best birds to have as pets are parrots, but you need to check out many species of parrots before getting one. These parrots come with different personalities, so you need to know what kind of parrot will fit best in your lifestyle and home. For example, small parrots are high maintenance, and large parrots can weigh over 2 KG. Overall, it will depend on your preferences and what kind of personality you want to have in your pet. But don’t worry because they are all great companions that can relieve your stress and become your best friends!

Parrot species vary, and it’s the same as the dog species. A home for a large dog is not ideal for small breed dogs. The same goes for parrots, so you need to choose the suitable parrot species for you carefully. Aside from that, the cost of these magnificent creatures also depends on the species. Check out below some of the top parrot species you might want to consider as your pet now. Also, check out Talkie Parrot for more information at


The Best Parrot for Newbies

If you’re planning to get a parrot as a pet, but it’s your first time owning one, then the most obvious choice is the budgerigar or the cockatiel. These are smaller and cost less compared to other species. However, you need to take into consideration the fact that you need to interact with your pet parrot and train them because they require lots of attention. So when you’re searching for a parrot species to own, you need to think about each of their personalities and your personal preference to ensure that you get a great relationship.

Budgerigars or Budgies

If you want an easy pet parrot, then a budgerigar or budgie is an excellent first-time pet. Many parrot owners will even tell you that their first pet parrot was a budgie. Alongside the budgies are canaries and cockatiels, domesticated for much longer than any other species. The first time budgerigars were bred in the USA was in the 1850s, and they are smaller birds that only weigh about 30-40 grams with 18 cm in length. They are inexpensive, easy to find, and don’t need to have a giant cage. But most of them require bird seeds since they can b picky eaters.

Cockatiels as First-Time Pets

Another one of the easiest parrot to obtain that is also one of the best first-time pets are cockatiels. They are also one of the least expensive, making them the perfect choice for those tight on the budget but who want to have a fantastic parrot as your pet. Aside from that, cockatiels are one of the parrot species that like to sing and whistle than talk, but male cockatiels are able to produce a few human words. They can also be harness trained. Therefore you can bring them outside with you.

If you’re thinking about purchasing your first pet parrot, then you have to consider buying from reputable pet shops and breeders is the best way to do so. You have to do some background checks and see how they care for their parrots to ensure that your pets come from people who care.

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