The Ultimate Guide To Cat Grooming Near Me

A pet groomer is a pet service provider. Pet grooming is a business of its own; whether you want to start a full-scale grooming salon or a home business, some things need to be considered. A pet groomer needs to have practical skills backed by excellent educational background. Trimming and clipping the pet’s hair needs to be done according to certain hygiene, appearance, and comfort standards.

Go all-natural

Traditional pet groomers use animal skins, turpentine, and ammonia to de-shed, de-tangle, and deodorize cats. De-shedding and deodorizing involve using harsh detergents, and ammonia isn’t any better. Ammonia is toxic if inhaled and corrosive to the eyes, skin, and respiratory tract. In the quantities commonly used by groomers, it is a neurotoxin and an irritant to the kidneys and bladder. Turpentine is bad for the lungs, too. It is flammable and is suspected to be a cause of lung and brain damage in workers.

And animal skins and hair aren’t any better. In tests, some dog breeds, such as the Boston terrier, suffered skin irritation from the products, and cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs were damaged after exposure to the chemicals. Alternatives exist. Veterinary compounding pharmacies sell shampoos and conditioners made from natural extracts, such as aloe Vera and oatmeal. The products don’t rinse away completely after a bath and may leave behind some residue. But the hair is not damaged and smells good.

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Cat grooming near me also sell shampoos and conditioners made from human-grade ingredients, such as glycerine and aloe Vera. They rinse away completely and leave behind no residue.

Natural ingredients can also be mixed at home. For example, oatmeal and baking soda make a gentle but effective shampoo, and baking soda and vinegar make a natural deodorant.

Dealing with pet hair

If you own a pet, you know that hair is a problem. Dogs have fur, and cats have hair. It doesn’t matter which kind of pet you have; they all have hair. The hair of an animal is special: it grows at the root, not at the surface like human hair. As a result, it sticks to things, and you can’t wash them off. As a result, the first thing you do when you get home with a new pet is looking for a hair comb. But hair combs also cost money.

So what do you do?

  • You could try to bathe your pet every week, but that would be expensive. And even if it worked, it wouldn’t get rid of the hair. (You could shave the fur, but then the pet would look strange.)
  • Or you could try to brush the pet with a brush made of human hair, but that wouldn’t be very effective. (Human hair is soft, and the hair of your pet’s fur is coarse.

You can wash the pet, of course, but the hair would get shorter again. It would be best if you had a shampoo that dissolves the hair.

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