Organic Livestock Measures – Committed To Animal Welfare

The idea of ​​organic farming really caught people’s attention. People are concerned about stories of cattle being given large amounts of steroids and supplements to gain weight. There are studies that show that eating this meat is “bad for you.” However, there are other studies that will tell you that it doesn’t matter. In fact, we live in a society where people are obese and have many health problems.

Does the meat consumed play a role in these factors?

There are ranches in 30 US states that raise organic cattle. Besides cattle, they also raise pigs, goats and sheep. The largest neighborhoods where you will find this are New York, Wisconsin, and California. All foods that these animals eat are organic in nature. There are strict rules about what you can feed and they must be followed carefully. These ranchers are also closely watched to make sure no corner escapes.

Living conditions

The living conditions of these animals should be very similar to those that they would experience in nature. As a result, they require more open space to lift them than traditional methods when packed in a confined space. They need to be monitored closely for disease because they are not given vaccines or antibiotics.

Organic Livestock Measures - Committed To Animal Welfare

Disease prevention

To help prevent disease and other problems from developing in these types of organic farming environments, other steps need to be taken. For example, they change places where animals can graze. They offer them a diet without any additives. As a result, animals develop a healthy immune system to fight disease. Any animal that appears to be sick is quarantined and checked so that it cannot transmit any disease to the rest of the livestock.

Maintaining a clean living environment is an important part of this type of organic farming. Without this, the risk of developing bacteria or disease would be too great. By ensuring that the basic needs of these animals are met at all times, overall stress levels are also reduced. Many experts believe that this could affect the quality of the meat and milk they produce.


Everything from caring for these animals to their lifestyle needs to be carefully thought out until it is time to put them to sleep. There are strict rules and the goal is also to offer them a humane place to live while they grow up as a food source. However, the growth process occurs naturally, and is not accelerated and enhanced by artificial processes.

Plus, you can also find a wide variety of organic dairy products when you know How To Raise Livestock, Raising Livestock For Profit. They are composed of milk, cheese, yogurt and butter. There are large dairy farms in California and New York where these cows are kept for the sole purpose of producing milk. It’s carefully processed to taste great, but without all the additives that don’t benefit our body.

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