How to choose the right Cat Collars?

As a cat or kitten owner, you would of course want to take the best care of it. Many factors determine proper care of your pet cat, which includes providing the right nutrition and take complete care of its health. Along with the same, we are sure you would also want it to be completely safe at all times. There is always the risk of your pet cat slipping away when indoors or even when you take it out for walks and so on. This is a serious concern for all pet cat owners. Here is where the cat collars can be the perfect solution. You may wonder whether these are at all useful. The answer is that yes they are indeed the most essential. There are also many types and varieties, which you might find quite confusing.

The following are certain considerations that you must consider:

Beware of the pain in the neck

When it comes to cat collars, especially kitten collars you need to beware of the fact that they are very tight on the neck of the kittens. If they are too tight then it could cause pain in the neck of the pet cat or pet kitten. You should choose the ones that expand easily. The expandable ones are best for kittens. The reason is that the kittens grow quickly and thus you need to regularly whether it has outgrown the collar. So the collar you choose for your cat must be perfect so that it is neither too tight nor too loose so that the cat does not slip out of the same in which case its entire purpose gets defeated.

Break-Away Safety Collars

Though there are many benefits of the cat collars there are certain risks as well. These include the fact that it the collars get fastened to something then it could cause great injury to the animal. It is to prevent the same you could see the break-away safety collars. These open easily if they get fastened to anything. Thus these collars prevent the accidental strangulation of the cats.

Micro- Chipping

Microchipping is a painless injection of a microchip into the skin of the cat between the shoulders of the animal. Once this is done tracking the cat very easy at all times. It is because of this that this process has become very popular indeed.

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