Can a Guard Dog Be Friendly?

It can generally go without saying that guard dogs are given a bad reputation. By proxy, many breeds that are commonly used in the guard dog business are also given a bad reputation. Some people who are a little bit more willing to hear the truth may not believe quite as strongly about how cruel a guard dog can be, but may also believe that they are incapable of being kind due to the nature of their training. This is far from reality, and it is only a select few dogs that come across as cold and independent, and it is often the dogs that are working the hardest. The truth is that many guard dogs are absolutely capable of being friendly, and will even be loving companions in a household when they are not actively on duty.

Teaching a Guard Dog to Be Peaceful

Part of where this misconception comes from is that when someone poorly trains guard dogs in the UK, those dogs will become aggressive and hard to control. Another part of where this comes from is that some breeds of guard dog can come across as rather aloof and cold, which is not what most people want in a canine companion. At the same time, one has to realise that these dogs are bred and trained to guard a property, and someone getting in the dog’s way to pet it and coddle it only interferes with the dog’s “task.” There are plenty of dogs out there that are known for being friendly with people, even being wonderful family dogs when the dog is not focused on guarding. The German Shepherd is a good example of this, being able to work as a police dog during one part of the day, but being a friendly and loving companion when the vest comes off. The key is in making sure of two things. You should be certain you are getting the right dog breed for the task. If you want a family guard dog, a dog that is not kind or patient toward children is not the dog for you. You will also need to make sure that you have your guard dogs properly trained so that they can be controlled more easily and to ensure they know a threat when they see one.

Finding a Place to Train Your Dogs

Now that you have a firm understanding of why people have this opinion on guard dogs and their ability to be friendly, you can feel confident in knowing that if you get the right guard dog, you will be able to share some fun and enjoyable moments with it when it is not busy guarding your property. You will also want to make sure you know where to get your dog trained. Many people find that is a great place to get trained guard dogs in the UK. Before you know it, you will have a family companion and a guard dog.

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