4 Ways to Ensure Your Senior Dog Stays Healthy and Happy During Lockdown

Dogs, just like any other pet animals, hold a very special place in our hearts. Not only are they our companions, but they always know when we are feeling down or happy.

With the coronavirus pandemic upon us, you should be quick to take care of yourself. But who will take care of your canine friend?

Unlike puppies, senior dogs have special requirements. Apart from ensuring that your senior dog is comfortable and happy, you will also have to go out of your way to ensure that your old furry friend is healthy as well.

While this is the case, many dog owners don’t know where to start. You shouldn’t worry, though.

This article will spell out different ways that will ensure that your senior dog remains happy and healthy through the lockdown. Hopefully, your senior dog comes out of the lockdown happier and healthy.

1. Feed Your Senior Dog Ideal Diet

As much as the lockdown is all about isolation, proper diet is important for both humans and pets. However, if you have a senior dog, it is of utmost importance to accord him a high-quality diet.

But how will you know if the food you are giving your senior dog is of a higher quality? Reading the dog food label is one of the best ways of identifying high-quality food for your senior dog. A formidable senior dog food such as Whole Earth Farms Adult Recipe Dry Kibble Dog Food is not only easy to read the label, but also includes all the necessary nutrients that your senior dog will require.

While at it, ensure to consider your senior dog’s weight. Remember that feeding your dog is only aimed at ensuring that it receives all the required nutrients. So, avoid overfeeding your dog with prospects of gaining more weight. This will predispose your dog to different conditions such as diabetes and cardiogenic disorders.

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2. Schedule Regular Visits to Your Vet

While it’s true that dogs need to be examined on an annual basis by a vet, this is not the case during a lockdown. After all, this is a unique circumstance that calls for special measures.

Apart from your dog being confined in isolation for a better part of the day, your dog is at a higher risk of developing health conditions, just by the fact that it’s a senior. To avoid these situations, you should regularly take your senior dog to your vet for checkups.

Each time you visit your vet, ensure to ask your vet for a full-body evaluation. This will go a long way to determine whether your senior dog is overweight or has an ideal body weight. With this knowledge, you will be in a better position to know what portion sizes to feed your senior dog.

3. Regularly Exercise Your Dog

Most people are likely to have gained a lot of weight by the end of the lockdown period. The same applies to your senior dog if you don’t regularly engage them in exercise.

While you don’t expect to do a lot of exercises while in isolation, minimal exercise sessions that are regular can go a long way in ensuring that your senior dog maintains lean and healthy muscles.

However, since your senior dog required special considerations, you should ensure to tailor each exercise session to meet your senior dog’s individual physical needs. Perhaps the best way is to first consult your vet on the most effective exercises for your senior dog. Otherwise, ensure to start each exercise slow as you gradually intensify the dynamics of the exercise.

4. Accord Your Senior Dog Comfortable Accommodations

With little movements during the lockdown period, the least you can do is to offer your dog comfortable accommodations. This way, your senior dog will not just be happy but develop a healthy mental condition as well.

As mentioned, older dogs are more susceptible to different diseases and conditions. Arthritis is one of the major conditions that affect older dogs. In this case, your senior dog will be more comfortable sleeping in soft bedding.

This can either be in the form of a special dog mattress and a soft, subtle blanket to keep warm. If you can’t afford this, consider having a comfortable carpet for your dog to lie on.

Apart from that, you can go further to provide your senior dog with different toys to play with. You can as well engage your senior dog in food puzzles. This will not just make your dog entertained but lose weight as well.

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