Is it possible to train your Guinea Pig – 6Tips

Guinea Pigs are adorable, gentle and sweet little animals. You will love this creature due to its joyful nature. The only factor that can compel you to avoid it is its huge amount of poop here and there. The only way to avoid this problem is to train your Guinea pig for potty. It contains several benefits for the owner. It is the right source to keep the surrounding and the cage of the animal clean. It allows you and your lovely friend to live in a fresh and healthier environment. You can provide more space to keep toys and for its movement.  You need to do effort with your little friend and use the easy way to potty train Guinea Pig. Some of the tips are given for your concern.

  1. Selecting a supreme Litter Box

It is a good idea to provide an appropriate environment for poop. Do not choose too big or small litter box.

  1. Choose a Litter box lining

It is important to create a difference between litter zone and regular cage space. It means you require purchasing equipment to line inside the box. Putting a newspaper in the little corner is a good idea.

  1. Producing the best Bathroom Environment

This is the most important step to provide them an appropriate bathroom environment because this animal enjoys its private time.

  1. Train your pet to avoid creating mess

Teach you little friend how to jump over the litter box to avoid creating mess. Use its favorite dried fruits as a treat for training.

  1. Place Hay to produce piggy’s interest

Guinea Pigs are crazy about hays. If you put these hays near the area then it will be an effective strategy for training.

  1. Keep litter boxes to their Favorite spots

It is an effective technique to motivate your little piggy to go to its favorite location

Using these strategies will give you 100% results very soon. It is good to provide a secure shelter to your pets. This increases their comfort level as well yours.

Do you know what type of litter box you need for your piggy? It is not a big animal that is the reason you need to choose a small item. A small litter box should be placed in the cage. It is secure option as compared to the other crates.

You can choose the cage that has a separate place for litter box. On the doors, it contains two-latch slide lock system. This lock system provides an easy access to your pet. It secures your pooch to escape. With carbon steel, the edges of the cage are rounded with steel wires. It is to save from all accidental injuries.  It is very important to take care of the pet’s hygiene. It is good to maintain your pet’s place clean and tidy. Washing this cage is very easy because it comes with removable tray at the bottom. You can slide it out to clean it. This is good to keep the area clean. You can wash tray on the daily basis.


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