Cat Towers: The Options and Uses

Animals have many needs similar to the needs of people. In addition to food, shelter and love, they also need entertainment. If your pet is a cat, then you need cat towers to meet the cat’s entertainment needs. Not only is it a good place for your cat to scratch and play, it is also a great place for your cat to sleep and see the world as it passes. A perfectly designed tower is good to have at home if you have a cat. This is the only place they can call their own, and where they can do their physical exercise and entertainment, without leaving home, on foot, where it can be dangerous.

If you are thinking of purchasing cat towers for your cat, there is a wide selection of towers to choose from, which you can buy at pet stores in your area and online. There are several cat-shaped towers with many levels that cats can climb, play and sleep on. There are even others where there are certain parts that look like regular scratch posts, so you can take them. Take care of all the needs of your cat with a single piece of furniture. However, if money is a problem, you can still get the perfect tower for your cat, and you can do it by building it yourself.

Cat towers


Of course, when you build towers for cats, you must have a plan. As with the purchase of a new sofa, you need a place for it. Using a tape measure, check the dimensions of your living room to make sure that you can adjust what you are building there. Then you should take a look at your materials. You will need plywood, and it should be a good size to be resistant to your cat’s tower. You also need pieces of wood to make a pillar in the tower. For this wooden posts will be very good. As for scratches and a pleasant and comfortable place to sleep, you can use the carpet.

Cat towers can be found in any style

Some are available in small pieces of the same level, in neutral tones, which are designed almost imperceptible in most homes. In addition, others are available in the form of fifteen feet, several levels, beasts that can fill a room. What you buy will depend on your taste and how many cats you have.

If you are a lonely house, then the sky’s the limit of choosing the newest toy for your cat. However, if you have several cats at home, you will most likely need to buy a large tower to accommodate all your cats. Several cats will need more cat towers to be happy and not to let cats fight in your house. This can also be avoided by buying a larger at least one level per cat.


Depending on the materials you have and the size you make for your living room, you can design towers for cats accordingly. No matter how you do it, you strive to give your cat a place to play, sleep and look at the world.

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