Maltese Dog Breeds – Facts and Personality Traits

An indoor dog suitable for tight spaces, the Bichon Maltese is a small dog that is gentle, loyal and intelligent. Potty training can be difficult, and this dog tends to be choosy when it comes to eating.

The Bichon Maltese is a small dog that weighs between two and three kilos.

It is a compact dog with sloping shoulder blades. The top line is straight and the ribs are well arched. The long-haired tail is elegantly carried well arched above the back. The neck is well proportioned to allow the head to be held high.

The ears are set low with long hairs. The eyes are dark, the nose is black and the muzzle of medium size is slightly pointed.

Its long, shiny coat of silky texture that falls to the ground or brushes it gives the Maltese an almost decorative appearance. The long hairs on the head can be tied in a loop or parted. Her dress is pure white.

The Bichon Maltese is a playful dog with a fluid and graceful gait.


The Bichon Maltese is a gentle, affectionate, intelligent, loyal and confident dog by nature. A good family dog, he is outgoing, playful, vigorous and generally enjoys learning to do tricks. It may have a tendency to bite when children are loud. This small-sized dog imposes no less with its intrepid character. Extremely alert, the Bichon Maltese launches into a series of barks in reaction to noises which are unfamiliar to him.

Behavior and character traits of the Bichon Maltese

The Bichon Maltese is a gentle, affectionate and loyal companion dog. It is easy and pleasant to live with. Sometimes calm, sometimes cheerful, he is suitable for everyone and can be a good companion for children who know how to treat him with respect.

Despite his small size, the Bichon Maltese is courageous and fearless. He will not hesitate to bark loudly when intruders approach the house. As a result, he is a good “alarm” dog. Very alert, the slightest unusual noise makes him react.

The Bichon Maltese is very loyal and attached to his master. He even devotes a certain adoration to him. He loves attention and always wants to be taken care of. This is why you have to get him used to being alone from time to time, otherwise he will develop separation anxiety.

Very intelligent, the Bichon Maltese is easy to train and excels in obedience competitions. His education should be early and carried out gently, as he is sensitive and may sulk if he feels he has been treated unfairly.

The Bichon Maltese does not need a lot of exercise, but will enjoy games and long walks. It adapts well to all environments, apartment like home, town and country, and loves to travel. The Bichon Maltese asks only one thing: a present and attentive master.

Grooming the Bichon Maltese

Grooming the Bichon Maltese requires special attention. Its long white coat requires daily brushing and combing to prevent felting and knotting.

One bath per month is recommended so that the dog retains its whiteness. The hair around his eyes should be cleaned weekly to remove the brownish streaks caused by watery eyes. You should regularly monitor the condition of your ears (hair removal of the ear canal). The Bichon Maltese does not shed, so it does not lose its hair. This is why he is considered a hypoallergenic dog.

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