How do you obtain an emotional support animal?

Actually, the emotional support animal is much more than an ordinary pet. The individuals who suffer from a disability in the kind of mental illness have discovered that the existence of dedicated and loving dog can assist them navigate their way via the struggles, which happen from their condition. In such case, they want to have an emotional support animal as a good companion. Before getting this ESA, you can go on qualifying for one and also know how to certify the emotional support dog.

To qualify for an emotional support dog, your licensed health care professional or a therapist will decide whether you have disability and whether an emotional support dog will support to ease the symptoms of your condition. The disability for purpose of qualifying for an emotional support dog means the mental health condition such as serious anxiety or depression, which significantly controls one or more major life activities such as an ability to learn, work or sleep. Hence, these emotional support dogs are not considered as service dogs.

How to certify an emotional support dog?

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When it comes to eligible your dog as an emotion support animal, then the certifications are worthless. There is no specific thing as a certification program or a certificate, which officially qualifies a dog as an emotional support animal beneath the law. The one and only legal way to qualify your dog as an emotional support animal is by getting a proper suggestion letter from the licensed health care expert. If you do not have a health care professional or a therapist, you can simply associate with the mental health professional. But, the land owner or anyone else that requests you for a certificate, registration number or an ID proving your dog is an emotional support animal.

Purpose of getting an ESA letter

To be absolutely obvious, once you get an ESA letter, you are not needed to register your dog as an ESA on any site and also not required any certificate or registration number. In order to make your pet as an ESA, you should qualify for the emotional support animal letter written by the licensed health care professional. If you eligible, this ESA letter will,

  • Contain a license number of LMHP
  • Contain a signature and date of LMHP
  • Establish that you have disability
  • Be written on your LMHP’s letterhead
  • Suggest an ESA to assist ease symptoms of that disability

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