How to move across the country with your Pets?

Any kind of moving is at the same time both overwhelming and hectic. If you mix your pet with your journey, the situation would be more difficult. As your pet is fully dependent upon you, it is your responsibility to ensure the animal’s safer and smoother moving.

Therefore, in this article we will focus on those essential attributes that must be followed to move your pet across the country.

Let’s dive in,

Preparations before moving

  • Start the packing process in advance

Try to start the packing process in advance. Take it slowly, as packing up all things at the same time can make your pet anxious. Additionally, do not stress yourself out by overthinking about the trip. As pets are very much akin to their owners, they would sense your trouble and this can make your pet more frightened about the future changes.

  • Introduce the travel crate to your pet

Before the final move, make your pet familiar with its travel crate. Choose a well-ventilated spacious crate for your pet. The crate should be comfortable for your pet. The crate must have a spring lock system. According to a New York Times company, Wirecutter, T.S.A approved, travel friendly modelled crates are best for pet shipping.

The next step after buying a crate is to encourage your pet to spend it’s leisure and playtime inside the crate. Keep your pet’s favourite treats or gaming stuff into the crate to attract it towards the crate. You can also grow your pet’s interest into the crate by rewarding it for doing so. Whoever is moving your pet needs to take care of the crate too.

  • Visit the vet

It is very important to meet your vet for a proper health check up of your pet before the big move. All the vaccinations should be at least 10 to 25 days from the travel schedule. Get the medical records signed by your licensed vet.

  • Research the pet transportation laws 

You must gather adequate knowledge about the policies and procedures of pet transportation of that certain place that you are planning to move with your pet. Some cities have travel barring policies for pet’s. Some hotels also have few restrictions about taking the pets inside the hotel. Closely and carefully go through those rules before booking hotels.

  • Wait for the right time

Taking your pet to another state is a time consuming task as lots of legal regulations should be fulfilled for that. Therefore, you must start the ticket booking process in advance. Otherwise, if you leave it for the last moment, possibly you have to move leaving your pet alone in quarantine. And that scenario won’t be expected.

Additionally, avoid traveling in weather extremes. But you are compelled to, then choose early morning flight for summer move and late evening flight for winter.

  • Contact the air to confirm your booking

Some airlines have limited pet shipping policies. They have the right to cancel your booking even if you have paid for that. So, it is suggested to book your pet’s seat at least 2 months before. Ofcourse, contact the airline to confirm your booking before 24 hours of moving.

  • Gather necessary documents

Compile all the necessary documents such as medical records, vaccination certificates, road permits, ESA registration of your pet before leaving and place them into your pet’s travel kit.

  • Requirements for shipping different pets

If you are owning any different kind of pet rather than cats and dogs, you must be known to the rules for that also. Otherwise, if you are planning to move with your reptile friend in a passenger transport, you may have to face several difficulties.

Methods of moving

There are different methods of moving with your pet. Such as

  • Flying

Flying is the least time taking process to ship pets. You can keep your pet inside the cabin or you can ship it as cargo as per airline’s rules. Never ship push nosed animals in the cargo holds as it may prove fatal for your pet. Also, don’t tranquilize the animals while flying, give them pheromones and Zylkene instead.

  • Driving

Traveling by road is the most recommended option for moving with pets. Place your pet crate to the backseat of your car buckled with a harness. Take multiple breaks while driving in order to give your pet some time to come from the crate and relax.

  • Hire a professional pet transport service

You can also hire a professional pet transporter to ship your pet to your desired location. Ask them about their insurance policies and procedures of shipment.

Last but not the least , ensure your pet’s security by tagging it with your proper address and contact details. Your pet always should be microchipped while going to a big move.

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