Which One Of The Many Dry Dog Food Brands Is The Best?

There’s no dog owner that is not trying to give the best to its pet. On the other side, dogs have two things on their minds considering the owners – play and food. Knowing this, everyone asked themselves at least once what is the best option when it comes to feeding your pet friend and whether your dog likes what you give it to eat.

In this article, we’ll talk about choosing the best dry food and how to pick one. After you finish the things listed below, you can get more info on the benefits of the best dry dog food brands on DogLifeHQ.com. Read on and learn more!

See how much actual meat there is

Dogs are carnivores and anyone trying to reflect their animal-love idea on Rex is simply wrong. Vegans in humans are a special kind of group and that is their right, but carnivore animals have no need to go against their nature. They eat meat, they love it, and their health depends on it.

So, when you’re getting a bag of dry food look on the label and see how much actual meat there is. Food companies tend to save as much money as possible so they’re trying to add anything there is inside except meat. The reason for this, of course, is that meat is more expensive than everything else.

Make sure meat is the number one ingredient on the label. For example, if you’re buying a beef product, the first thing that’s on the label must be – beef. The pellets your pet is going to eat undergo a complex process until they get the final form. In this process, a lot of the meat product is being lost, so if it isn’t the main ingredient from the start, you can be sure that you’re giving your loved one garbage with the smell of meat.

Avoid by-products

It’s not a secret that meat processing factories are not throwing away anything. Every single part of the animal is processed. The difference between the actual meat product and a by-product is that the first one has useful ingredients while the second is nothing more than garbage.

However, a lot of times this exactly what you’re being sold. People not always have time to read what’s on the label so they get the first thing on the shelf. The dog seems happy to eat it, but you can be sure that this is not the right thing to do. Dry foods smell delicious to your pet and it will eat it and be happy, but the nutrition inside is on the lowest level and there’s nothing useful for your dog’s health.

Avoid colored products

If you see grains that have strong colors like red, yellow, or something similar you should throw it away in the garbage right away. All dry foods are being colored but the once that are made to look lovely like you’re about to take photos of them, have too many unhealthy ingredients inside.

Look for a high protein content

The content you give to your pet must be with high protein content. The higher the content is, the better quality it is. However, there’s a slight problem here. Profit-oriented companies who make dog food boost it with proteins that are not coming from meat. Your pet requires protein, it depends on protein-based meat, but it won’t make a difference when you serve it so it will most certainly eat the whole thing.

The problem is that companies boost the product with proteins coming from plants like wheat and corn that dogs have a hard time digesting. In the end, you’re actually creating a problem. This isn’t in its regular diet and they can’t handle it too well.

Avoid corn and wheat inside products

As we said, corn and wheat are not dog’s best friends. They also have gluten which is disastrous for these animals. They are very sensitive on wheat and corn gluten and their gutter simply can’t digest this kind of plant product. What’s worse, constant feeding with it can cause some serious problems on many body parts and organs. It can cause arthritis for example, but also skin, gut, and hearing problems may occur, so kindly avoid products with corn and wheat.

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