5 Things You Should Be Concerned About Dog Walkers

Are you too busy to handle your dog during the day or just not into walking it? Then, you might consider seeking the services of a dog walker who will take care of your dog while you are away.

The professional will come to your house, pick your dog, and walk it on designated routes while ensuring that it has access to food and water. Nevertheless, choosing the right person to walk your dog may prove to be a strenuous activity. These 7 dog walker skills shared by rover.com are crucial and you should look for them in every dog walker.

Anyhow, to help you make a good choice, here are five key things that you should be concerned about when selecting a dog walker.

  1. Punctuality

Punctuality is a crucial element to consider when hiring a dog walker. You need to maintain a consistent schedule to keep your dog happy throughout the day. It’s best to look for a person who will understand and appreciate the needs of your pet as well as keep time. You certainly don’t want to work with a professional who attends to your dogs late in the day. The best way to hire a punctual professional is through referrals from friends or checking for reviews beforehand on a dog walking company website.

  1. Stamina

Whereas the need for considerable stamina seems obvious, it’s worth mentioning. A dog walker must keep up with the energy of your dog to ensure that your pet receives the exercise it requires. Otherwise, you are letting your pet down by hiring a dog walker who can’t keep up with its pace. Therefore, it’s best to outline your expectations and ask the potential professional if he or she can commit to the needs. This should happen during the first meeting of your dog and the potential dog walker.

Dog Walkers

  1. Patience and Calmness

Undoubtedly, a dog’s behavior is quite unpredictable. Your dog may bark suddenly or even act drastically. A calm and patient dog walker will first investigate the cause and craft a creative solution to the provocations. On the contrary, an impatient, less-experienced dog walker may be quick to react rather than understand the whole situation first. With a patient, calm and passionate professional, you are sure that your pet is in the safe hands.

  1. Experience And Training

Dog walkers undergo training whereby they learn to feed, control, transport dogs as well as how to dispose of their waste correctly. Additionally, an experienced dog walker knows the best routes and how to complement the walk with fun. Additionally, he or she should be able to interpret various dog’s attitudes and temperaments. Moreover, a well trained and experienced dog handler will take minimal time to build a relationship with your dog, considering that no two dogs are the same.

  1. Flexibility And A Back-Up Plan

Emergencies happen, and the unfortunate thing about them is that you cannot predict their occurrence. So, does your dog walker have a plan in case they run into an emergency, or your dog will have to go for days without anyone attending to them? A dog walker should have a plan of action should your dog run away, ingest poison, bite someone, or even get sick. He or she knows how to respond, where to go, and who to contact. What’s more, you may need to change the schedule, and having a flexible dog walker by your side is the best thing for your pet.


A tight schedule may necessitate the need to hire a dog walker. Nonetheless, it’s best to look for a professional who will give your dog the care it deserves while giving you the convenience you yearn for. That said, consider the professional’s physical ability, experience, and punctuality. Your dog walker should also be a patient and flexible person.

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