5 of the Fastest Horse Breeds

There are about more than 300 horse breeds in the world, all with distinctive qualities and abilities. Horses are trained and bred for different reasons; some find a place in racing events, whereas some find their use in pleasure riding and agricultural work. Horse owners find joy in training their horses and grooming them making use of horse clippers so that their horses are well groomed and tamed. Few can be good at long distances, whereas few can have unparallel abilities to run in short find distances. So if you are someone hunting for horses that are good sprinters, then below mentioned horse breeds can surprise you with their abilities. Read further to know about their areas of excellence:

  1. Thoroughbred

This breed of horses is considered to be one of the fastest in the world. They are fast runners and find a top spot in the racing industry. They are middle distance racers. These breeds are hot blooded, highly competitive and very quick learners who are easy to train at the same time. Thoroughbreds are tall, mighty, and agile horses with a slim body structure. These horses are so speedy and fast that they find a place for themselves in all kinds of racing and speed events. Thoroughbreds are considered to be a combo of the horse breeds Arabian Bloodlines, Turcoman and Barb horse. Due to their built and physique, these horses gain their speedy factor and are best suited for athletics.

  1. Quarter horse

Quarter horses are an American breed and are considered to be one of the most popular and fastest horses in the States of America. They are the largest breeds that have been registered in the Horse association precisely three million of them. They can run short distances and they fetch a place for themselves in roping, barrel racing, cutting, hunt seat mounts, etc. Quarter Horses are top favourites of people who find delight in pleasure riding. These breeds are durable, and they derive their names as quarter horses due to their capability of outdistancing other horse breeds in quarter miles or even lesser than that. Quarter horses are muscle packed and are outstanding sprinters for short lengths. So if you are someone planning to own a sprinter, then quarter horses are an ideal choice to get you feel the need for speed. Study reveals that a few of these quarter horses can even cover a distance of 55 miles within a short time span of sixty minutes. They are excellent runners and all thanks to their muscular built, which enables them to perform their best with an intricacy to attain a top-notch position amongst the other horse breeds.

  1. Appaloosa

These horses have not only attained their names in the list of the fastest horses but are unique due to their colourful and spotted skin just like a leopard. The base colour of Appaloosa’s include, buckskin, bay, perlino, grey, grulla, black, etc. It is an American breed and are also known as stock horses. Initially, these horse breeds were used as war horses in the ancient years, and their existence dates back to history. Nowadays they have fetched themselves an accommodation in racing events as well. You can mostly see these breeds of horses in barrel racing, roping, cutting, reining and also for pleasure riding. They are consistent, durable, and quick learners. They are highly intelligent, and you will never regret owning an Appaloosa.

  1. Arabian

Arabian horse breeds also find themselves a place in various traditional racing occasions and events. They are good runners and one of the fastest horse breeds in the world who have their names as excellent sprinters in endurance events. It is supposed that if these horse breeds are allowed to race in a contest for which the horses have to run for more than 50 miles, then there are major chances that an Arabian horse will win the race. They may be comparatively slower to other fast runners, but they have their own ways of winning a race when it is more than 50 miles. They have high stamina, and they do not sprint hard initially instead maintain their endurance and strength to complete the whole distance with a speed that makes them win the game.

These horses are even tempered, friendly and can easily make friends with their owners. They have a distinctive shape of the head and also own a proud tail and thus can be spotted easily amongst the other breeds. They are domesticated, highly reactive and expressive. Though they do not require much grooming, you can make use of horse clippers to trim their mane into perfect shape and size. You can always expect a positive review of these breeds from every horse lover and owners all over the globe.

  1. Standard Bred

Standard bred somewhat stands similar to the thoroughbred horses and are very friendly in nature. Their friendly aspect has acquired them a name as man’s best friend. They can be excellent horses for beginners and amateur riders who wish of paving a racing career. They are best suited for racing events, harness racing, barrel racing, etc. Their body is muscle packed and can weigh up to one thousand pounds. These are easy to train horse breeds and thus also finds a place for themselves in horse shows. They can give tough competition to their counterparts of other breeds. If you are planning to get a trotter for yourself, then Standard Bred is the ultimate choice that you can make amongst all the other breeds.

Horses are known for their speed, and the list can go endless if we sit down to jot down the runners. But the above mentioned are the top five horses who have unmatched abilities talking in terms of their speed and stamina. So if you are a horse lover and wish of being an owner of a horse, these horses are an answer to your desires. Get going and grab your chance to have some happy riding time.

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