The Main Reasons Why You Should Insure Your Border Collies

Border collies lead very active lives and they must have a large amount of stimulation in order to thrive. You want the best for your dogs, so ask fellow collie owners about the insurance policies that they have taken out for their pets.

Think about all the different activities that your collie does and ask yourself “why is insurance so important?”

Problems May Develop Rapidly

  • Your collie can deteriorate overnight if it has a serious problem, so take the dog to a vet who works out of hours.
  • The vet will make sure that the dog gets excellent treatment and recovers in a day or two.

A Collie Is A Working Dog

Your Collie Can Get Injured Whilst Herding Sheep

  • Collies spend most of their day chasing sheep over rough ground, so don’t be surprised if your dog gets injured once in a while because they have twisted their paw or fallen heavily. Do you perform a health check for your collie at the end of the day? If not, you should start doing this tomorrow.
  • Dogs that are well looked after can work for several years before they have to be retired, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop paying for their health insurance.

The Collie Dog May Get Injured When It Is Competing

  • Collies are stars at dog shows around the world and your dog’s natural agility makes it a strong contender for obstacle course success.
  • Sometimes, dogs injure themselves whilst they are running around the obstacle course and need to have some treatment. A high-quality insurance package will allow the dog to get the treatment that it deserves.

Collies Are Very Robust – But Not Indestructible

  • Collies are a very robust breed of dog, so it is very rare that they fall ill or injure themselves. Take care of the dog and make sure that it has regular inspections from the vet.
  • Make sure that all of the insurance details are close to hand so that it can be presented to the vet when it is needed.

Check the collie on a regular basis to make sure they are OK. Everything from the ears to the tail should be inspected properly.

Your collie is like a member of the family, so find an insurance plan which is going to give them the best chance of recovery!

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