Pros and Cons Of Creating Your Own Chicken Coop

Breeding chicken is a source of entertainment for some and a very important livelihood for others. It’s still one of the most bankable businesses today. And when managed right, you’ll surely grow from a small-time breeder to a master of the industry in no time. That being said, it’s also necessary to think of the most basic needs you have. There’s no shame in starting small. Having the right amount of space will already be a big thing. All that’s left is to consider the type of coop you’ll have and how many chickens are you planning to take care of.

There are two simple ways you can manage this and achieve your plans. One is to purchase ready-made coops. This is a favorite solution, especially since it offers convenience and ease to people who don’t know anything about building a coop. The second option is to have DIY chicken coop plans. It’s interesting to note that there are also many people leaning towards making their own coop despite their inexperience in the crafting field. If you’re someone interested in building projects like these, Bill Keene’s ‘Building a Chicken Coop’ will be an invaluable reference for you. The book highlights the steps to follow for specific designs. And it’s divided into seven parts. Each chapter focuses on a specific design and gives you the right details to follow.

DIY chicken coop

Is a chicken coop really worth your time and effort? First it’ll be a good thing to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages to help you get a better picture.


  1. The design and other features are focused to your needs and the needs of your chicken. For ready-made ones, you can’t have it all. However, if you have the power to change the design according to your own will, it becomes easier to make it even more functional for you.
  2. Less expensive. Purchasing raw materials and putting in effort yourself cost way lesser compared to purchasing ones that are already made. If you’re looking to budget more and save more, this will be a perfect option for you.
  3. Numerous references. Just like Keene’s book for the specific design manual, there are already numerous article and video references you can acquire through the internet. It’s easier to consider the references to help with your different needs if you ever plan to build it on your own.


  1. One downside is you’ll be making it. Not to state the obvious but not all people are equipped with the knowledge, skill, and talent for crafts. It’s something you need to learn. But this is also a good opportunity for anyone who wants to try something new. Just make sure you put in the right amount of effort and time and you’ll surely finish it.
  2. It’ll take time. For people who have a set schedule of stuff they wish to do and accomplish and you have your own deadline, managing things on your own might not be the best idea. If you still want to push through with this, then it’s good to start planning for your own time line.

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