My Chihuahua Now Loves Winter

Uninformed pet parents have this wrong notion that dogs do not get cold. I think it is as a result of the fact that dogs have tons of fur. What they forget is that Mother Nature exacts her toll on everyone, even animals, especially animals. There are really hairy humans on the planet. And you don’t see them traipsing around with no clothes on, do you? In winter, small breeds of dogs, lean dogs and dogs with short fur tend to be less equipped to deal with cold than other dogs. And the rule of thumb is, if it’s too cold for you, it is waaay too cold for your dog.

If you have a Chihuahua or a Toy Terrier or a Greyhound, you seriously need to really consider buying a dog jacket for your dog. Some dogs love the cold, but they are few and far between. Most dogs though require an extra layer of protection from the cold. That’s where you as a loving pet parent come in.

Unless you intend to keep your dog indoors all winter, your dog needs to get a winter coat. Dogs will enjoy taking walks in the snow when they are better equipped to deal with it. And even dogs that appreciate the bitter cold can sport a cute winter jacket. Who says dogs can’t look dashing in winter jackets?

There are several types of dog sweaters and dog jackets for winter to choose from. Whatever your choice is, the important thing is that you make sure that the jacket is not for looks. The primary purpose of the jacket is to keep your dog warm.

Good dog winter jackets are waterproof. When your dog rolls around in the snow, the snow needs to come right off after a few shakes. Else, the snow will melt, soak through the jacket and get your dog all wet and cold. They also need to stretch. Rubber, flexible and elastic materials are good for winter jackets. Stiff and hard materials restrict the movements of your dog. They should also be warm, have fleece linings and insulated with fibre. Some winter jackets have leashes attached to them and this helps a lot I keeping your dog under control so they don’t run off in the snow. You can also get a Christmas themed winter jacket for your dog, something in red and white. It’s in keeping up with the spirit of Christmas.

I got my small Chihuahua this jacket and now she goes on walks with me through the snow. She doesn’t just stay at home on her heating pad. It’s fun to see that she enjoys the cold weather with me.

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