Why Should Just We Have All The Fun??

The best and most loved place on earth? Our home. In home, the most loved and the one thing we can’t live without? Our bed. Everyone, from infant to old, have their own comfy space that is their bed. If you are single you have single bed, couples will have queen size or king sized beds, babies will have crib, and toddlers will have their own small toddler beds, bunk beds, medicated beds, spring form beds and what not? There is nothing wrong in it as everyone deserve their own space and privacy. A place you can own all by yourself and be free and relax. Then why not your pooch? Doesn’t they deserve a space of their own and spend some quality alone time? Of course they do. That is why there is no compromise in getting dog beds to let them enjoy their time and feel pampered.

Berties boutique provides you with such designer dog beds from normal to waterproof ranges. Starting with reasonable prices to luxury ones, you can get whatever you have wished for toa make your pet feel special. Choose from the wide ranges of designer beds suited to compliment your interiors and give your pooch a relaxing and comforting resting place. It differs in sizes to suit small to medium and large sized dogs.

Some popular varieties of dog beds


  1. Cushion dog bed: they are filled with bounce back hollow fiber. Whole cushion is washable and very comfortable.
  2. Dog Sofa bed: designed to fit in the living room as well, it provide great place for your dogs to lazy about and also for good night’s sleep. They can sit or lay and relax as it is sofa cum bed for them.
  3. Basket dog beds: to give some extra pampering, basket beds are great option with high sturdy sides and cushioned base. It is generously bouncy and provides good support.
  4. Orthopedic dog beds: it provides so much support and comfort minimizing the pressure on the joints of bones for a quality sleep for your dog.
  5. Luxury dog beds: if you want to give some luxury to your dogs, then opt for the luxury range that is stylish, made with high quality memory foam making them a luxury place for your dogs to sleep and rest
  6. Waterproof dog beds: if you prefer extra hygiene, waterproof dog beds are your life saver providing fully washable facility inside and outside. There won’t be any smell and odor as everything including inner filling can also be washed.

These are just some of the popular verities. You can find even more in the online store. Check and select what you like. You will surely get whatever kind you want with high quality and durability guarantee. Trust the best and treat your pooch like they mean everything to you. You are their world. Don’t miss a chance to give them a new world where they enjoy privacy and comfort at the same time.

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