Mac SF1945 update 1.02 available now. Windows version of SF1945 goes beta, available soon. Get the Windows Preview NOW!

SkyFighters 1945 is a WWII era, full featured flight sim. writes, "Good flight dynamics, excellent view options and exceptionally stable software make air combat a pleasure online or offline". Features include 8 aircraft types, ground/air targets, missions, carrier landings, and Internet play. S&H

Click here for more info about SF1945 and a link to the SF1945 Preview version

Flying Circus is great fun. You'll be in the air and flying immediately. Not hugely complicated, but still realistic. Runs great on Apple's G3, G4, and iMac computers, or any PowerMac with a 3D accelerator. $39.95 + $5.05 S&H.


Bust balloons, drop bombs, dogfight with Sopwith Camels, S.E.5as, Triplanes and D-VIIs.

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