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Hey there!! Welcome to Dog Fights City !

Dog Fights are a reality in our city. We are a group of concerned citizens from Denver, Colorado,who are not happy with animal mistreating. One of the worst forms of this phenomenon is the street dog fights. Because os this kind of activities, more than 500 dogs die in our city every year, and the ones who lose the fights but don’s die, are released on the streets by their own, sometimes with aggressive personalities, which of course is not their fault. 

We understand that these animals deserve better than that.

We understand that humans can be better than that. 

We understand that our society can do better for both. 1

So, this citizen association is coming alive with a group of partners in the public and private sectors, which are also aware of the importance of the sane coexistence of animals and humans. Everyone is welcome to join us. With your support, we plan to save animal and human lives by:

  • Finding and stopping the responsibly of street dog fights in the city. 
  • Building animal shelter to rescued dogs, with specialist on rehabilitation.
  • Finding temporary or definitively homes for rehabilitated dogs.
  • Starting social campaigns of awareness against dogs fights, including taking dogs to schools, looking forward to the kids to get familiarized with the importance of caring. 

We are still in the process to get the NGO paperwork settings, but we want to start spreading the word from now, please note that we are beginners in the web design and the digital world, so feel free to give us some advice about if you think we need it. 

Let’s make together a happier city with a lot of happy tails, help us keep the motivation up, take a look at this lovely video of this dog rescued from dog fights, IT ONLY MEANS OUR CAUSE IS WORTH IT.

Thanks to our Major Donors: Denver Contractor , they would appreciate if you like their social properties, they also have a twitter account: @dencontractor , go ahead and follow them!